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There is no denying that sports centre group classes (aerobics, Zumba, BodyPump, etc.) are more popular than ever.If you are looking for a sturdy yet incredibly comfortable floor, nothing can beat our Motion floor.
Flooring designed with virgin rubber and created for all kinds of group fitness activities, which are characterised by high mobility and the use of small accessories such as dumbbells or steps — the damage from which is minimised.
Motion responds to these needs with its “Point Elasticity”, which absorbs impact and prevents vibrations from being transferred away from the point of impact, resulting in fewer injuries.
Furthermore, it has optimised friction that provides the necessary grip, thereby reducing slips and painful blows.
This model, as with the entire Pavigym range, is available in a wide variety of finishes and customisation options, allowing us to offer a unique product for every customer.
Health and sport united by PAVIGYM.


Its high resistance makes PAVIGYM MOTION the only Group-X flooring able to resist marks from dropped weights and accessories.

PAVIGYM MOTION’s optimized friction allows all types of choreographed classes to be practiced, avoiding incidences of slipping or blocking.

PAVIGYM MOTION’s impact absorption and point elastic properties are specifically designed for top performance. PAVIGYM MOTION provides excellent comfort and reduces risk of injuries caused by rigid and aeroelastic flooring.


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